The Crypto Cafe



The Crypto Cafe TV show airs at 10:30 am CST Sundays on FOX and is an entertaining television show featuring women exploring cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with innovators in the industry. The Crypto Cafe emerged after months of Letitia Reyna speaking at cryptocurrency events while being the lone woman in the room. Her passion for spreading the word about this new technology increased exponentially once her focus shifted to creating a space for women, and shortly after The Crypto Cafe was born.

Although Bitcoin and blockchain technology have been around for nearly a decade, they've only recently begun making headlines in mainstream media. Our panel of hosts discuss various topics with industry experts, along with featured segments like how to download and use a digital wallet, as well as exclusive one-on-one interviews with pioneers in the space. Most importantly, we want to help viewers understand how this disruptive technology will intersect with their daily lives.

So be sure to tune in to The Crypto Cafe every Sunday  at 10:30 am on FOX! Remember -- early adopters of new technology always benefit the most!

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